Alfarezidence – a Metrostav Development a.s. company project

New developer project Alfarezidence by Metrostav Development a.s. in Praha offers high quality new properties for purchase. Become a proud owner of a new home. learn more about the price and other details either at our website or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 3207

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  • Price on request

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  • Realized

  • Location:

  • Olgy Havlové, Žižkov, Praha 3

  • Ownership:

  • Personal

  • City:

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  • City district:

  • Status:

  • Realised

  • Year:

  • Rating:

  • 4.7 from 5 ( 82 rating )

About the project:

The Alfarezidence residential project is located in Na Vackově Street, in Prague 3 - Žižkov. The project represents a residential complex according to the traditional concept of houses. These are spacious and up to four floors. The residential area is informally divided into three parts - the first representative, the second semi-public with a zone for residents, the third part is a semi-private zone in the form of residential yards, where there is a garden and a clubhouse, which is used exclusively by residents. The house of Metrostav Development as meets the requirements for modern and comfortable living. The project has a total of 124 housing units with layouts from 2 + kk to 4 + kk. Usable area is 46 - 120 m2. The apartments include balconies, terraces and front gardens.


The Alfarezidence residential complex is located in Na Vackově Street, in Prague 3 - Žižkov. It combines the advantages of the city and the countryside at the same time. The location has excellent transport links by bus, tram and subway. In the vicinity there are shops, kindergarten and primary or secondary school, clinics and other services, all within walking distance. You can go to the Aero cinema, the Acropolis Palace or the national monument Na Vítkově.

Property Attachments

LocationOlgy Havlové, Žižkov, Praha 3

In the vicinity you will find

MŠ - ABC Academy, s. r. o. (92 m)
Vítězslav Rázek (206 m)
Střední průmyslová škola, Praha 10, Na Třebešíně 2299 (726 m)
Secondary school:
Střední průmyslová škola, Praha 10, Na Třebešíně 2299 (726 m)
Střední odborné učiliště gastronomie (794 m)
Střední odborná škola Jarov (1215 m)
Židovské pece (521 m)
Park Jiřího Karena (562 m)
Víceúčelové hřiště Habrová (596 m)
Želivského (1325 m)
Invalidovna (1768 m)
Strašnická (1773 m)
Praha Libeň (1908 m)
Praha-Malešice - nákladové nádraží (2271 m)
Praha-Strašnice Zastávka (2346 m)
Parkoviště Na Vrcholu, Šikmá (505 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Strážní (565 m)
WEASEL s.r.o. (Hlídané parkoviště | Parking) (958 m)
Ventila vzduchotechnika s.r.o. (589 m)
Bytový dům Malešice (1372 m)
EXE SPORT s.r.o (1379 m)
MTV Fitness (223 m)
Tenisový kurt (312 m)
In Motion Academy - parkourová hala (406 m)
Penny market (257 m)
Potraviny (515 m)
Večerka (747 m)
Veterinární klinika Na Jarově (384 m)
Lékárna Na chmelnici, spol. s r.o. (525 m)
Dr. Max Lékárna (530 m)
Transit station:
Vackov (152 m)
Vackov (213 m)
Vackov (214 m)

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