CHYTRÉ BYDLENÍ CSV@Řepy – a Trigema a.s. firm project

New developer project CHYTRÉ BYDLENÍ CSV@Řepy by Trigema a.s. in Praha offers high quality new properties for sale. Become a proud owner of a new home. learn more about the price and other specifics either at our website or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 2869

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  • Realized

  • Location:

  • Čistovická 531/60, Řepy, Praha 6

  • Ownership:

  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 99 rating )

About the project:

The CSV @ Řepy development project is another work of Trigema. The five-storey house with 24 residential units is located in Čistovická Street, Prague 6 - Řepy. The residence was built on the site of an old dilapidated house. The house has low energy consumption, where PENB indicates sk. B. The house is recuperated and prepared for intelligent control of the apartment. The house has an interesting appearance. It appears to be four-story, but the fifth floor recedes into the background. The design is the work of the architectural studio ADNS. Housing units 1 + kk to 3 + kk have a usable area of 29 - 117 m2. The ground floor apartments have a front garden, the upper floors have balconies and loggias. The top floor offers beautiful and spacious terraces with beautiful views of the surroundings. You can park in the basement of the house. Parking is by means of a stacking system, thanks to which more cars can fit on the area.


Čistkovická Street, where the new project grew up, is a pleasant location for living thanks to the residential development. The house fits very well into the existing development and does not disturb the character of this pleasant area. There are public transport stops near the house, there is a wide range of civic amenities. Nearby is Zličín, where there are Metropole shopping centers and Avion Shopping park.

Property Attachments

LocationČistovická 531/60, Řepy, Praha 6

In the vicinity you will find

Základní Škola Pro Žáky Se Specifickými Poruchami Učení (786 m)
Základní Škola Jana Wericha (813 m)
Základní Škola, Praha - Řepy, LAUDOVA1024 (821 m)
Lesopark Řepy-Motol (865 m)
Stihl - Romotop - Crussis - Zahradní traktory - Krbová kamna - Prodejna Namir (1323 m)
Obora Hvězda (1578 m)
Nemocnice Motol (1971 m)
Petřiny (2654 m)
Zličín (2762 m)
Praha-Ruzyně (1197 m)
Praha-Zličín (1543 m)
Praha-Stodůlky (2607 m)
Parkoviště u letiště Praha (1244 m)
Parkování u letiště Ruzyně (1571 m)
Parkoviště u letiště Praha - Fixparking (1833 m)
Obchodní centrum A-Z Řepy (1039 m)
rpj service s.r.o. (2171 m)
New Living Center - Praha (2486 m)
Aktivní lesopark Řepy (629 m)
Tenis TJ Ruzyně (966 m)
HEATKLUB - H.E.A.T. Program Řepy (979 m)
Lidl (220 m)
Norma Španielova (854 m)
Supermarket BILLA (949 m)
Jan Bydžovský - (730 m)
Lékárna Řepy (730 m)
Dr.Max Lékárna (1048 m)
Transit station:
Selských baterií (154 m)
Selských baterií (170 m)
Selských baterií (186 m)

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