Chytré bydlení NMN@Holešovice – a Trigema a.s. company project

New developer project Chytré bydlení NMN@Holešovice by Trigema a.s. in Praha offers modern new properties for purchase. Become a proud owner of a new home. learn more about the price and other specifics either at our portal or directly from this particular developer.

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  • 2620

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  • Na Maninách, Holešovice, Praha 7

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  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 67 rating )

About the project:

Smart living NMN @ Holešovice is a new 16-storey apartment building with 33 residential units and 2 commercial spaces in Na Maninách Street in Prague 7 - Holešovice with a green relaxation zone in the courtyard. This development project of the Trigema company is a continuation of apartment buildings in other Prague localities (Stodůlky, Řepy, Letňany, Dolní Měcholupy), which combine high standards of housing, which the developer himself describes as “Smart Housing”. In accordance with this concept, several interconnected, so-called modular flats were created in an apartment building in Holešovice. All housing units are also ready for the installation of intelligent control of individual appliances in the apartment. The low-energy house (group B) helps homeowners to save on heating costs through heat recovery.


Holešovice is a dynamic district, still developing. In 2017, for example, it ranked 15th in the Travel Supermarket poll for the best European district. It simply lives in Holešovice and therefore it is very well secured by PID lines. The nearest public transport stop is the tram and bus stop Maniny (240 m), metro station C "Nádraží Holešovice" and "Vltavská" are about 1.4 km away. Tusarova Elementary and Kindergarten for your children is only 450 m from the future apartment building. There are many shops with a basic assortment in the area, such as the Žabka market (250 m), Billa (650 m) or the Penny Market (650 m). The famous Holešovice market with sales and cultural stalls is less than a kilometer away from the house. Medical care is provided, for example, in Na Františku Hospital (3 km) or Na Bulovce Hospital (3.6 km). Directly around the house are two general practitioners and the ISCARE clinical center (450 m).

Holešovice is traditionally a district with a wide range of cultural activities and entertainment. The famous cultural center La Fabrika is 450 m away from the apartment building, a little closer is the co-working center Parallel Polis with a rich offer of interesting lectures and events. Only 100 m you will walk from the apartment building to the nearest Na Maninách Theater, it is 300 m to PIDIKINA. You can play golf on Rohan Island, go cycling or inline skiing to Stromovka. Worth a visit is the Holešovice Exhibition Center (2.5 km), where various events are held throughout the year, including the famous Matějská pilgrimage, children will certainly be thrilled by the Crocodile ZOO, which you will find right next to the house.

Property Attachments

LocationNa Maninách, Holešovice, Praha 7

In the vicinity you will find

1. škola tradiční čínské medicíny – TČM® – založena 1990 (206 m)
Mateřská škola Tusarova (320 m)
Škola (390 m)
Secondary school:
Gymnázium AMAZON s.r.o. - Střední škola (860 m)
Karlínská obchodní akademie a VOŠE (1232 m)
Církevní střední škola Jana Boska (1256 m)
Památnik padlých 5.5.1945 (234 m)
Kytky od Pepy - Zážitkové květinářství (242 m)
Komunitní zahrada Botanicula (685 m)
Křižíkova (871 m)
Invalidovna (946 m)
Vltavská (1041 m)
Praha - Bubny (1020 m)
Praha-Holešovice zastávka (1233 m)
Praha-Holešovice (1367 m)
Parkoviště Alza (293 m)
Parkoviště Tržnice (314 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking GEN (579 m)
MARO (741 m)
potraviny -Minimarket (764 m)
Ogilvy+ Geometry (917 m)
Fitness Bitevní pole (161 m)
Parkování český rybářský svaz (169 m)
Taneční SECTOR (257 m)
Ukrainské a Ruské speciality Gopak (335 m)
Ukrainské a ruské speciality Gopak (339 m)
Penny market (448 m)
Na Maninách (190 m)
Pilulka Lékárna (221 m)
Lékárna U Zlatého Kalicha (221 m)
Transit station:
Tusarova (206 m)
Tusarova (208 m)
Maniny (227 m)

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