Jižní Výhledy – a CENTRAL GROUP a.s. firm project

New developer project Jižní Výhledy by CENTRAL GROUP a.s. in Praha offers top notch new properties for purchase. Become a proud owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other details either at our website or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 2713

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  • Jeremiášova, Stodůlky, Praha 5

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  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.6 from 5 ( 98 rating )

About the project:

In Prague 5 Stodůlky, a new development project of the Central Group company called South Prospects was created. The project is built in Jeremiášova street. There were 392 new flats in modern villas, which provide housing within reach of greenery. The houses have five floors and offer apartments 1 + kk to 4 + kk, which have balconies or roof terraces on the top floors. There are front gardens for the apartments on the ground floor, which evokes this housing in living in a family house. The new buildings have reinforced concrete foundations, load-bearing elements made of bricks, the ceilings are monolithic ceilings. The facade is insulated, the plumbing elements are made of titanium-zinc or aluminum sheets. Residents can get into the house using electronic chips. The common areas are illuminated by a motion sensor, there are large-format tiles in the corridors. There are also cellars, parking spaces for residents and their guests. The windows of the house have insulating double glazing, glazed are also selected loggias. The front door is security, the interior to the living room is glazed. The bathroom and toilet, hallway or terrace and balcony are tiled. There are data and television distribution, central heating.


The development project South Perspectives offers attractive living in a lot of greenery. It is located in Jeremiášova street of Prague 5 - Stodůlky. There is a public transport stop just a three-minute walk from the house, from where bus no. 25 goes. Within a ten-minute walk you can reach the Stodůlky and Luka metro stations. 16 minutes from the house is a medieval open-air museum Repora. 10 minutes away is the cultural house Mlejn, where various cultural events such as concerts, lectures, exhibitions are held. The house is located in the immediate vicinity of the shopping center, where there are Billa and Makro stores. You can walk to nature in 20 minutes, where you can go to the Prokop and Dalej valleys. Sports can be found in TJ Sokol Řeporyje, 14 minutes away, in Jáchymovská Street. In the area of the house there is a sports field and playgrounds. Bellušova Street, with the Hala Lužiny Sports Club, is an 8-minute drive away. 10 minutes from the house is the kindergarten Píšťalka. The primary school is a 3-minute drive away on Mládí Street. You can find a general practitioner in Hostinská Street or you can drive to the Lipa Polyclinic, which is a seven-minute drive in Seydlerova Street.

Property Attachments

LocationJeremiášova, Stodůlky, Praha 5

In the vicinity you will find

Bilingvální mateřská škola pro sluchově postižené (342 m)
Základní Umělecká Škola (635 m)
Škola moderního zpěvu (747 m)
Panská Zahrada (884 m)
Památník vlasovcům (1034 m)
Dalejský profil (1454 m)
Stodůlky (607 m)
Luka (729 m)
Lužiny (1376 m)
Praha-Řeporyje (1236 m)
Praha-Zličín (2578 m)
Praha-Holyně (2811 m)
Parkoviště Homepark Zličín (1403 m)
Parkoviště Tesco, Skandinávská (1418 m)
Parkoviště metro Lužiny (1447 m)
Luka Living rental apartments & shopping center (797 m)
Metro Lužiny (1379 m)
APM (1380 m)
Fitness LUKA - Deukalion (666 m)
Form Factory Fitness Center Stodůlky (682 m)
PZ GYM (701 m)
Supermarket BILLA (175 m)
Norma Hábova (404 m)
dm drogerie markt (643 m)
Dr. Max Lékárna (374 m)
Lékárna Stodůlky (383 m)
Lékárna Luka (692 m)
Transit station:
Vackova (268 m)
Vackova (288 m)
Vackova (310 m)

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