Letňanské zahrady – a CENTRAL GROUP a.s. company project

New developer project Letňanské zahrady by CENTRAL GROUP a.s. in Praha offers top notch new properties for purchase. Become a proud owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other details either at our website or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

  • ID:

  • 2771

  • Price:

  • Price on request

  • Price per m2:

  • Price on request

  • Location:

  • Veselská, Letňany, Praha 9

  • Ownership:

  • Personal

  • City:

  • District:

  • City district:

  • Status:

  • On sale

  • Year:

  • Developer:

  • Rating:

  • 4.7 from 5 ( 95 rating )

About the project:

The last stage of the development project of the Central Group company, Letňanské zahrady, is being implemented in Veselská Street in the Prague 9 - Letňany district. There are the last modern villas H and I with 52 new housing units with a layout of 1 + kk - 4 + kk. The apartments on the ground floor have front gardens, the apartments on the upper floors have a balcony. Letňanské zahrady offers quiet living in a desirable location for all ages, whether you are single or have a large family. A new restaurant and grocery store were also built in the residential complex.


The Letňany district is traditionally very well accessible by public transport. The Letňanské zahrady residential complex is located close to the bus stop (5 minutes' walk), from where you can reach the “Letňany” metro station C with lines no. 158, 195 and 201 in another 5 minutes. You are by car in the center of Prague in just 15 minutes.

Kindergartens and primary schools are available for your children near the apartment complex, and there is also a secondary and language school within walking distance. In the vicinity you will also find medical facilities, post office and other services. The civic amenities of this location are at a very good level. In the vicinity of Letňany Gardens there is a large shopping and entertainment center OC Letňany. In addition to the center, athletes will find several facilities, such as the Surf Arena, the Letňany Sports Center with tennis courts, an ice rink and the Aquapark. Even nature is not far from the apartment buildings: the Letňany forest park with trails for pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and cross-country skiers can be reached in about half an hour (by car in 5 minutes).

Property Attachments

LocationVeselská, Letňany, Praha 9

In the vicinity you will find

Mateřská škola Pavla Beneše (351 m)
Střední škola mediální grafiky a tisku, s.r.o. (504 m)
Tenisová škola Praha 9 Čakovice (655 m)
Secondary school:
Střední škola mediální grafiky a tisku, s.r.o. (504 m)
Střední průmyslová škola na Proseku (2314 m)
Soukromá střední škola výpočetní techniky (3280 m)
Showroom předstanů 4camping (288 m)
Lesopark Letňany (782 m)
údržba Krátký.cz (840 m)
Letňany (1717 m)
Střížkov (2889 m)
Prosek (2988 m)
Praha-Čakovice (903 m)
Praha-Kbely (2457 m)
Praha-Vysočany (3689 m)
NONSTOP LPG (1232 m)
Chlebovická (1295 m)
Parkoviště Globus (1523 m)
GMS Letňany (734 m)
Albert (1066 m)
Globus (1556 m)
Jungle Sport park (288 m)
HFL Training Center s.r.o. (516 m)
Singltrail Letňany (593 m)
Potraviny (64 m)
Lidl (1173 m)
Tesco (1257 m)
J & H Lékárny s.r.o. - Lékárna Letňany (747 m)
APOMED (1025 m)
Lékárna IMUNNOFLOW (1027 m)
Transit station:
Avia Letňany (478 m)
Avia Letňany (517 m)
Staré Letňany (535 m)

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