Marina Island – a DARAMIS company project

New developer project Marina Island by DARAMIS in Praha offers superb new buildings for purchase. Become a proud owner of a new home. learn more about the price and other details either at our portal or directly from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 2897

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  • Jankovcova 1595, Holešovice, Praha 7

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  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 89 rating )

About the project:

Two companies collaborated on the luxury development project Marina Island: Lighthouse and Daramis Group. Thanks to this cooperation, residential housing for the most demanding clients was created on Bubenské nábřeží in the city district of Prague 7 - Holešovice. Near the port of Holešovice, on an area of 30,000 m2, a unique apartment complex was created, which offers modern living in three types of apartments. In addition to comfortable apartments on common floors, it is possible to live in luxury townhouses, on the top floors there were above-standard bright and airy penthouses. The project is the work of the world-famous architectural studio Moshe Tzur Architects and combines the latest urban trends with an attractive location, which is surrounded on both sides by the Vltava River.


The Marina Island apartment complex is situated in a quiet area of the Holešovice peninsula, so it offers plenty of privacy, a private park and direct contact with the river combined with the benefits of a wide range of civic amenities that meet the needs of a busy part of town.

The bus stop "Přístav Holešovice" is 430 m away from the complex, a 7-minute walk away. The nearest tram station "Maniny" is 742 m away (12 minutes walk), from here you can reach the metro stations of line B "Palmovka" or line C "Nádraží Holešovice" or "Vltavská" in a short time.

In addition to a wide network of shops and services, typical of the busy industrial part of the city, there are also a number of places available for locals suitable for relaxation and active rest. Of all, let's name at least the Thomayer Gardens (10 minutes on foot), which connect the two: you can relax here in the peace of the greenery, or engage in sports activities such as running, cycling or in-line skiing. You can discover the architectural monuments of Holešovice, such as the still functional area of the Prague Market Square built in 1893-95, or during your trips you can get acquainted with the sights of neighboring Liben, which you can reach in a short time over the Libeň Bridge. The Marina Brewery, which is located next to the yacht complex, is also worth a visit.

Your children can attend the nearby U Uranie Elementary School (640 m, 10 minutes) or the TG Masaryk Elementary School (1 km, 16 minutes). There are four kindergartens in the area: the closest to the complex is the private kindergarten Vltaváček (571 m, 9 minutes walk), kindergarten U Uranie (750 m, 12 minutes), Catholic kindergarten St. Klimenta (760 m, 12 minutes) or Ortenovo náměstí Kindergarten (1 km, 16 minutes).

Property Attachments

LocationJankovcova 1595, Holešovice, Praha 7

In the vicinity you will find

Academy Marina (25 m)
VLTAVÁČEK s.r.o. - Školička a hlídání dětí (172 m)
Mateřská škola U Uranie (186 m)
Secondary school:
Gymnázium AMAZON s.r.o. - Střední škola (424 m)
PB - Vyšší odborná škola a Střední škola managementu, s.r.o. (1136 m)
ART ECON - Střední škola (1138 m)
Komunitní zahrada Botanicula (168 m)
Prazelenina 2019 (491 m)
Památnik padlých 5.5.1945 (699 m)
Nádraží Holešovice (1012 m)
Invalidovna (1436 m)
Palmovka (1531 m)
Praha-Holešovice (1070 m)
Praha-Holešovice zastávka (1280 m)
Praha - Bubny (1342 m)
P+R Holešovice (955 m)
Parkoviště Alza (990 m)
Parkoviště Tržnice (1071 m)
Ogilvy+ Geometry (197 m)
potraviny -Minimarket (438 m)
vk servis (1225 m)
Bubalus CrossFit (221 m)
NR-GM fitness club (Energym) (272 m)
Yogacentrum Holešovice (363 m)
Supermarket BILLA (167 m)
Albert (455 m)
dm drogerie markt (476 m)
Neopharm - Lékárna (524 m)
Na Maninách (633 m)
ISCARE I.V.F. a.s., Lékárna (662 m)
Transit station:
V Přístavu (60 m)
V Přístavu (62 m)
V Přístavu (65 m)

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