Na Hvězdárně Třebešín – a JRD, s.r.o. company project

New developer project Na Hvězdárně Třebešín by JRD, s.r.o. in Praha offers modern new properties for sale. Become a proud owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other details either at our web or directly from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 2677

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  • Malešická, Malešice, Praha 10

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  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.3 from 5 ( 68 rating )

About the project:

The new residence Na hvězdárně Třebešín by the development company JRD Development is located in Malešická Street in the Prague 10-Strašnice district. It represents three new brick buildings with four and six above-ground floors and a total of 60 residential units with a layout of 1 + kk - 4 + kk with an area of 31 m2 - 115 m2. Each apartment has a terrace or balcony, ground floor housing units have their front gardens. The cellar and garage are also accessories for each apartment in all three buildings, some apartments also have a parking space (67 garage spaces and 19 parking spaces).

The residential complex is separated from the surroundings and lockable, it is accessible only to apartment owners in the area.

The whole residential complex uses elements of the starry sky - the individual entrances to the houses, for example, will be marked with pictures of the zodiac constellations. In a private park, which is part of the complex, there is a dome with binoculars and a map of the starry sky on the roof of the garden house - a small private observatory.

The residence is designed as low-energy to energy-passive, during the construction, emphasis was placed on the use of quality functional materials and the prevention of heat leakage.


The residence at the Třebešín Observatory is surrounded by greenery, which extends in the form of a private park to the complex. Thanks to this, this place is sought after by all age groups, especially families with children. It is the parks that provide plenty of fresh air and places for active rest, sports and relaxation. In the nearby Malešice Park there are several playgrounds, an outdoor gym, an amphitheater, a dog playground, a park for seniors, all made special by a unique water cascade. The educational trail of St. Josefa.

The whole area is very well accessible, with a wide range of amenities. There are a few kindergartens, primary and secondary schools for your children, shopping centers and services are within walking distance or by car. There are also a number of sports facilities in the area: sports and recreation area Pražačka na Krejcárku (5 minutes by car), where you can swim, use the gym or sauna, in the sports center Hector (4 minutes walk) there is an in-line track, squash court , badminton and tennis.

Property Attachments

LocationMalešická, Malešice, Praha 10

In the vicinity you will find

Střední odborné učiliště gastronomie (283 m)
Střední průmyslová škola, Praha 10, Na Třebešíně 2299 (290 m)
Mateřská škola Nad Vodovodem (457 m)
Secondary school:
Střední odborné učiliště gastronomie (283 m)
Střední průmyslová škola, Praha 10, Na Třebešíně 2299 (290 m)
Střední odborná škola Jarov (814 m)
Víceúčelové hřiště Habrová (219 m)
Malešický park (499 m)
Park Jiřího Karena (683 m)
Strašnická (1543 m)
Želivského (1607 m)
Depo Hostivař (2114 m)
Praha-Malešice - nákladové nádraží (1688 m)
Praha Libeň (1773 m)
Praha-Strašnice Zastávka (2137 m)
Parkoviště Na Vrcholu, Šikmá (796 m)
Na úžlabinou (899 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Strážní (1057 m)
Ventila vzduchotechnika s.r.o. (695 m)
Bytový dům Malešice (835 m)
Teta drogerie (884 m)
In Motion Academy - parkourová hala (231 m)
AGOGE Gym (236 m)
MTV Fitness (362 m)
Penny market (368 m)
Albert (627 m)
Večerka (679 m)
Veterinární klinika Na Jarově (347 m)
Lékárna Jarov - Pharmedol (650 m)
U Bílého Lva (662 m)
Transit station:
Habrová (175 m)
Habrová (186 m)
Habrová (186 m)

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