Rezidence Malátova 7 – a Moravská stavební - INVEST a.s. firm project

New developer project Rezidence Malátova 7 by Moravská stavební - INVEST a.s. in Praha offers modern new properties for purchase. Become a satisfied owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other specifics either at our web or straight from this particular developer.

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  • Malátova, Smíchov, Praha 5

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About the project:

A new development project called Rezidence Malátova 7 is located in the monument zone of Prague 5- Smíchov. The residence is built on the border of Zborovská and Malátová streets. The house offers 16 luxury housing units and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Lesser Town. It is a renovated six-storey house, the construction of which dates back to 1888. The house was repaired in 1911, but otherwise has retained its original appearance. The apartments have spacious terraces and balconies with pleasant river views. In the future, it is planned to reduce traffic between Malostranské náměstí and Kinský Garden, and the number of green park areas in the streets themselves will increase. Energy efficiency is due to the age of building G.


Pleasant location right in the city center, this is the offer of the development project Rezidence Malátova 7. Housing is located in Prague 5 in a district called Smíchov on Malátova Street, a short walk from Janáček embankment. In the near and wide area you will find a number of interesting monuments that you should visit at least once in your life. An example is Villa Portheimka, a small summer house from 1728, designed by the world-famous architect Kilián Ignác Dienzenhofer, which is about 8 minutes from the residence Malátova. You can visit Villa Bertramka in Mozartova Street, a 6-minute drive away. There are also a number of churches in the area. The Neo-Renaissance Church of St. Wenceslas from 1881-1885, which was built according to the design of the architect Antonín Barviti, stands on Arbes Square. It's an eight-minute walk to him. Among the monuments is the important Church of St. Nicholas on Malostranské Square, which can be reached on foot in 18 minutes, or by tram number 12 or 20 in 10 minutes or by car in 7 minutes. The Wallenstein Palace is a 19-minute walk away. It is less than a quarter of an hour to the Petrin lookout tower. By car'In the car, it is just 11 minutes' drive. You can also get to Prague Castle on Nerudova Street.

The location of the residence offers many cultural opportunities. The closest is the cultural center Národní dům in Smíchov on Náměstí 14. října. Concerts and balls are held here, a 10-minute walk away. There are two branches of the Municipal Library. In the shopping center there is a Cinema City multiplex cinema with a 4D hall. It is a 12-minute walk away and a 10-minute tram ride away. There are many theaters in the area, for example the Švanda Theater is a 4-minute walk from the house. The National Theater is a 14-minute walk away. The Malostranská beseda music club is 16 minutes from the house.

Nature is also represented here. Petrin Hill offers a lot of greenery. Kinsky Garden is a 7-minute drive away. The Sacré-Coeur Park is newly built and you can walk here from the first floor of the Nový Smíchov shopping center. It is about 10 minutes on foot. In the vicinity there are playgrounds and sports fields and many other parks such as Klamovka, Skalka, Mrázovka, Santoška Garden. It is a maximum of 15 minutes on foot to them.

For sports, you can go to Lokal blok, which is the highest bouldering wall in our country and you will find it on the 14th October Square, which can be reached by car in 5 minutes. The Smíchoff climbing center is on Křížová Street, a 36-minute walk away and a 22-minute bus ride away. Contour Fitness for Women can be found in Zatlance, which is about a 17-minute walk away. A bowling center is a 10-minute walk away. DTJ Santoška in Xaveriova Street is a multifunctional sports complex including a clay court. You can walk here in 22 minutes.

Medical care can be found at the Medifin polyclinic in Kartouzská Street, a 7-minute drive away. There is also the polyclinic of Professor Řehák Med Point, which is also 7 minutes away by car. Anděl Pharmacy is 10 minutes away. The second pharmacy can be found in the Medifin complex.

The Kindergarten is located on Náměstí 14. října, a 9-minute walk away and a 5-minute drive away. Furthermore, the kindergarten and primary school is located in Grafická street. The ride by bus number 176 to it takes 8 minutes, by tram number 9 then 13 minutes. It is a 15-minute walk away. The nearest school is located on Kořenského Street, a 3-minute walk or a minute by car. The post office is one minute away by car. There are ATMs and pubs in the area. For example, it is a minute walk from the house to Hospůdka u Rytíře. The shopping center is at the Anděl metro station on line B, namely Nový Smíchov and Zlatý anděl.

We don't even have to write about excellent transport accessibility. Three minutes walk from the house is a bus station with line 176, which will take you to Strahov Stadium and Charles Square. Next to Arbesova náměstí there are trams with lines 6, 9, 12 and 20. You can take the train from the Prague-Smíchov railway station in the direction of Zbraslav, Mníšek pod Brdy, Štěchovice, Plzeň and Písek. The Prague Semmering train runs from the northern platform (connection to Rudná near Prague). The train station is a 7-minute drive away. Suburban lines leave from here. Metro line B leads through Smíchov. Anděl can be reached by tram in 8 minutes, on foot in 10 minutes. There is a large bus station in Knížecí with long-distance routes in the direction of

From Smíchovské nádraží, a large number of bus lines then leave for suburban locations. Metro line B leads through Smíchov, two large traffic junctions are formed by the Anděl and Smíchovské nádraží stations. You can reach Anděl in 8 minutes by tram number 6 or 9, you can also walk, which will take 11 minutes, you can drive in 6 minutes. The exit at Anděl directed to Na Knížecí offers an extensive bus station, from which buses depart for long-distance routes to Příbram, Písek, Plzeň, Beroun, Rokycany, Klatovy, Strakonice, Domažlice, Sušice. It is a 17-minute walk and a 6-minute drive.

Property Attachments

LocationMalátova, Smíchov, Praha 5

In the vicinity you will find

Domeček Mateřská škola s.r.o. (276 m)
Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola (276 m)
Smart Beavers s.r.o. (330 m)
Secondary school:
Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola (276 m)
Smart Beavers s.r.o. (330 m)
Masarykova střední škola chemická, Praha 1, Křemencova 12 (746 m)
Arbesovo náměstí (190 m)
Památný strom (304 m)
Diezenhoferovy sady (327 m)
Karlovo náměstí (728 m)
Anděl (847 m)
Národní třída (998 m)
Praha-Smíchov sev.n. (1639 m)
Příjezd vlaků (1899 m)
Praha Hlavní Nádraží (2112 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Kroftova 1 (307 m)
Garáže Procházka (416 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Vítězná 420 (430 m)
1001ŠATY (346 m)
LEVNO Praha Lidická (596 m)
OC Nový Smíchov (602 m)
CORE Studio/fitness Praha (223 m)
Euforie – Fitness & Wellness Smíchov (263 m)
The Little Gym Praha (376 m)
H+T potraviny s.r.o (91 m)
Tesco (207 m)
dm drogerie markt (256 m)
Lekarna Neopharm (270 m)
EUC Lékárna, Poliklinika Kartouzská (516 m)
ARVISIMAX s.r.o. (517 m)
Transit station:
Arbesovo náměstí (162 m)
Arbesovo náměstí (168 m)
Švandovo divadlo (196 m)

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