Rezidence Prvního Pluku – a Lexxus Norton firm project

New developer project Rezidence Prvního Pluku by Lexxus Norton in Praha offers superb new buildings for sale. Become a satisfied owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other details either at our web or straight from this particular developer.

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  • Prvního Pluku, Karlín, Praha 8

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 92 rating )

About the project:

A new development project for the residence of the First Regiment is located in Karlín, Prague. Its author is the architect Petr Slavíček. It is a complete reconstruction of a seven-storey corner house. In this reconstructed building there are 7 duplex apartments with a layout of 2 + kk to 3 + kk with a floor area of 72.8 m2 to 141.8 m2. The apartments boast a large and airy hall, modern technologies and materials are used in them, and at the same time the spirit of the First Republic breathes on you. The house has an elevator with a glass shaft, the windows are an exact copy of the original. The apartments are sold by Lexxus Norton.


The project of the residence of the First Regiment 18 is located in Prague 8 - Karlín and offers the most modern housing and at the same time the building retains its historic character. Very close is an important transport hub in the form of the bus station Prague-Florenc and transfer station metro Florenc, where you can change to the metro lines B and C. In the immediate vicinity of the house you will find a wide range of services and plenty of greenery. For athletes, this place is ideal for living. Only 335 m from the house is Sokol Karlín, where there are a number of sports teams. 1.1 km from the house is the island Štvanice, where you can use the central tennis court, Mystic skatepark. 1.8 km from the house you can go to Bikepark. The Štvanice slalom canal, 903 m away, invites to pleasant moments on the water. 479 m from the house is the park Těšnov, a little closer, 386 m from the residence is a park on Karlin Square. You can shop in a supermarket 243 m from the house, 238 m from the house is Bill. The church of the Laura Kindergarten is 445 m away, and children are 1.4 km from the Lyčkovo náměstí Kindergarten and Primary School. There must also be cultural activities. 307 m from the residence is the Karlín Music Theater. Only 541 m away is the Museum of the Capital City of Prague. Health services can be found at EUC Premium, a resort located 633 meters from this residence.

Transport: At a distance of 231 m you can walk to the tram stop Florenc, nearby 281 m you can get to the metro Florenc, on lines B and C. Only 535 m from the building there is a bus station Prague-Florenc with connections throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

Property Attachments

LocationPrvního Pluku, Karlín, Praha 8

In the vicinity you will find

Mateřská Škola Pobřežní (77 m)
Prague Zouk Academy (126 m)
Umělecké studio Ateliér 45, s.r.o. (127 m)
Secondary school:
Církevní střední škola Jana Boska (320 m)
Karlínská obchodní akademie a VOŠE (531 m)
Základní Škola J. Gutha-Jarkovského (795 m)
Indian Aroma (161 m)
Památník obětem kolektivizace v zemědělství (440 m)
Обзорная площадка (498 m)
Florenc (317 m)
Křižíkova (690 m)
Vltavská (848 m)
Praha Masarykovo Nádraží (819 m)
Praha Hlavní Nádraží (1118 m)
Praha, Praha hlavní nádraží (1118 m)
Pobřežní I (238 m)
Parking Florenc (321 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Vítkova 7 (328 m)
JakoTy Second Hand (84 m)
Oasis Florenc (158 m)
Yves Rocher (160 m)
CrossFit Meat Factory (125 m)
Stop Bolesti Zad (154 m)
LivingWell Health Club & Spa (174 m)
Albert (153 m)
dm drogerie markt (153 m)
Supermarket BILLA (190 m)
Todicamp (52 m)
Lékárna Červený Rak (160 m)
Lékárna Na Florenci (166 m)
Transit station:
Karlínské náměstí (215 m)
Pernerova (242 m)
Florenc (242 m)

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