Slunečný vršek IIIb.etapa – a ORCO Property Group firm project

New developer project Slunečný vršek IIIb.etapa by ORCO Property Group in Praha offers modern new buildings for purchase. Become a satisfied owner of a new home. learn more about the price and other details either at our web or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 3062

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  • Bratislavská, Hostivař, Praha 10

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  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 89 rating )

About the project:

In Prague 10 - Hostivař was built III. Stage of the Sunny Top project. In the first phase, houses marked A, B, E and F were built. In the second phase, houses C and D were built and then houses G, H and I were built. In the third stage, new buildings J, K, L, M were built. and N with a total of 231 housing units. Houses K and L also have front gardens for ground floor apartments. There is also non-residential space in the houses. The entrance floor in building J belongs to the kindergarten, house L is a commercial space for companies.


There are 231 housing units in the 5 new buildings that will be built in Prague 10. The layouts of the individual housing units are designed from 1 + kk to 4 + kk with a usable area ranging from 27-111 m2.


Slunečný vršek III is surrounded by the streets to Horká and Doupovská and thus connects seamlessly to the existing buildings. This housing brings tenants great peace and comfort. The boulevard intersecting the entire project longitudinally forms the main street, where you can spend your free time not only shopping. There are underground garages in the locality, so there is only a minimum of parked cars on the streets. There is plenty of nature in the area, such as a nearby forest park. In the area of the project there is a golf course, a basketball court, a tennis wall, a climbing wall, a ramp, a pétanque area and other games and sports areas for active leisure time. There is excellent transport links, within easy reach of metro C and A there are also shopping centers. There is a tram stop next to the building to the municipal hunting lodges. Hostivař offers a variety of civic amenities, including a number of schools and kindergartens.

Property Attachments

LocationBratislavská, Hostivař, Praha 10

In the vicinity you will find

Mateřská škola Košík (281 m)
Mateřská škola Semínko, o.p.s. (578 m)
Základní škola Hostivař (686 m)
Secondary school:
Základní škola Klíček (1441 m)
Základní Škola A Střední Škola Waldorfská (1780 m)
Evangelická akademie (2141 m)
Přírodní park Meandry Botiče (870 m)
Hostivařský lesopark (996 m)
Kitos s.r.o. (1043 m)
Háje (1693 m)
Opatov (1882 m)
Chodov (2225 m)
Praha-Hostivař (2026 m)
Praha-Strašnice Zastávka (3158 m)
Praha-Horní Měcholupy (3628 m)
Parking (1114 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Opatov Park Líbalova 1 (1613 m)
Parkoviště nelegalni (1810 m)
Alena Zikmundová (917 m)
Vinotéka Cavum Carolinum (1021 m)
Vivo! (1045 m)
Squashpoint (1016 m)
Sportovní hala Jižní Město (1036 m)
Form Factory Fitness Club Hostivař (1056 m)
Albert (168 m)
NORMA (440 m)
Iceland (759 m)
Pilulka Lékárna (276 m)
Avicenna (691 m)
EUC majerského (756 m)
Transit station:
K Obecním hájovnám (95 m)
K Obecním hájovnám (103 m)
K Obecním hájovnám (117 m)

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