Triangl Řeporyje – a ARKADE Bau s.r.o. company project

New developer project Triangl Řeporyje by ARKADE Bau s.r.o. in Praha offers superb new buildings for purchase. Become a satisfied owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other details either at our portal or directly from this particular developer.

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  • Horšovská, Řeporyje, Praha 5

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  • Personal

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  • 4.6 from 5 ( 59 rating )

About the project:

The project for housing Triangl Řeporyje is located in Prague 5 - Řeporyje, when it falls within the district of Prague 13 and is located in Horšovská and Ve Výhledu streets. These are new buildings to which the gardens belong. In total, there are five semi-detached houses and four detached houses. Quality materials were used for the construction. The house project has energy intensity of class B and the developer is Arkade bau sro


The Triangl Řeporyje residential complex includes apartments 4 + kk and 5 + kk with an area of 146.6 m2, as well as a garage and a terrace and gardens of 332 - 573 m2. Each semi-detached house is separated by a garage, which creates enough privacy for each family.

The layout of family houses within the Triangl Řeporyje residential complex consists of 4 + kk or 5 + kk apartments. Price ranges range from CZK 7.2 million including VAT to 8.4 million including VAT. The total area of the houses is 146.6 m2. The area also includes a garage and a terrace, which is located on the 2nd floor. In addition, all houses also have gardens ranging in size from 332 m2 to 573 m2. Garages always separate individual semi-detached houses from each other and thus ensure sufficient privacy for both families. The houses have six-chamber plastic windows, entrance doors are also plastic. The interior has a full and glazed Sapeli door with paneled door frames. The garage door is operated manually. In the bathrooms and toilets there are ceramic tiles, in other rooms floating floors. The floor is entered by a staircase formed by a steel supporting structure. The bathroom is equipped with an acrylic bathtub, shower, hanging toilet, free-standing faucet, wall faucet. It includes connection to TV, home videophone. Landscaping was done in the garden.


The Reporyje Triangle is located in Prague 5, in Horšovská and Ve Výhledu streets. There are many cultural monuments in the area, such as the Church of St. Peter and Paul (14 minutes walk, 3 minutes by car). There is a city library in the street Od školy and can be reached by car in three minutes). Nature is represented by the valley of the Dalejský brook, which is an hour's walk away. In TJ Sokol Řeporyje you can play regular sports. The journey here takes 4 minutes by car. There is a children's playground at the Řeporyje Primary School and a 10-minute walk away. Polyclinic Lípa is an 11-minute drive away. The kindergarten is located in K závětinám Street, a 12-minute walk away. There are also restaurants, shops, post office. It takes five minutes by car to Billy or Macra in Jeremiášova Street, or to the Metropole shopping center or Shopping Park in Zličín. Buses from metro stations B will take you to various parts of Prague. The bus stop is three minutes from the house. By car, you can get from Ořešská Street to the Prague ring road in five minutes. The Prague-Reporyje train station is a ten-minute walk away. The center can be reached by train in 11 minutes. On the other hand, trains run to Beroun.

Property Attachments

LocationHoršovská, Řeporyje, Praha 5

In the vicinity you will find

Прага (794 m)
Základní škola Ořech (1141 m)
SZUŠ - Škola pro radost, v.o.s. (1172 m)
Památník vlasovcům (1024 m)
Dalejský profil (1786 m)
Požáry (1856 m)
Stodůlky (1950 m)
Luka (2392 m)
Zličín (2746 m)
Praha-Řeporyje (707 m)
Zbuzany (1380 m)
Jinočany (2598 m)
Parkoviště Homepark Zličín (2292 m)
Parkoviště Tesco, Skandinávská (2297 m)
Parkoviště Glóbus (2583 m)
Magna Trade s.r.o. Výkup Palet (938 m)
D&L MARKET (2230 m)
Homepark Zličín (2344 m)
Form Factory Fitness Center Stodůlky (2048 m)
Fitness LUKA - Deukalion (2322 m)
PZ GYM (2332 m)
Supermarket BILLA (1835 m)
dm drogerie markt (2029 m)
Norma Hábova (2041 m)
Lékárna Tilia (1222 m)
Dr. Max Lékárna (2139 m)
Lékárna Stodůlky (2148 m)
Transit station:
Mrákovská (238 m)
Mrákovská (248 m)
Mrákovská (254 m)

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