Domy Výtvarná Linie – a Výtvarná, spol. s r.o. company project

New developer project Domy Výtvarná Linie by Výtvarná, spol. s r.o. in Praha offers superb new buildings for sale. Become a proud owner of a new home. learn more about the price and other details either at our website or directly from this particular developer.

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  • Konopáskova, Bílá Hora, Praha 6

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 89 rating )

About the project:

The Art Line development project is located in the city part of Prague 6 - Bílá hora, near the Hvězda chateau. Architectural design of the house of the company Výtvarná, spol. sro, created by the architects of Qarta architektura. The project consists of a set of family houses, which have a garage and a garden, and are also in the style of urban living. The houses are located on a slight slope and so it was possible to arrange them in a cascade. Newly built driveways lead to the houses, as well as outdoor car parking spaces.


The Art Line project consists of 11 villas, which are arranged in two blocks. The first block includes 6 houses marked B1 - B6 and the second block offers 5 houses marked A1 to A5. The villas are three-storey, with layouts 5 + kk. The plots have an area of 204 - 452 m2. Each house has a front garden and a garden with a terrace where you can build a pleasant sitting area. The villa also has a garage and one parking space outside. The interiors are supplied with the highest quality materials. The windows are with insulating triple glazing, there are three-layer wooden floors, large-format tiles.


Living in villas from the Art Line project is a win-win for everyone. Villas are located in Prague 6 - White Mountain. In this place there are schools, kindergartens and a house for children and youth, children's studio, shops, OC Zličín. You can easily get to the center by car or public transport. By bus from the Ruzyňský hřbitov stop or by tram from the Bílá hora stop. In the Hvězda game reserve you can not only enjoy walks, but also play tennis on the local tennis courts.

Property Attachments

LocationKonopáskova, Bílá Hora, Praha 6

In the vicinity you will find

Hvězdy v lese, z.s. (773 m)
Základní Škola Pro Žáky Se Specifickými Poruchami Učení (965 m)
Základní Škola Jana Wericha (1098 m)
Lesopark Řepy-Motol (1289 m)
Stihl - Romotop - Crussis - Zahradní traktory - Krbová kamna - Prodejna Namir (1452 m)
Obora Hvězda (1457 m)
Nemocnice Motol (2096 m)
Petřiny (2539 m)
Zličín (3075 m)
Praha-Ruzyně (726 m)
Praha-Zličín (1805 m)
Praha-Stodůlky (2952 m)
Parkoviště u letiště Praha (807 m)
Parkování u letiště Ruzyně (1106 m)
Parkování Praha - U Silnice (1539 m)
Obchodní centrum A-Z Řepy (1443 m)
Česká Pošta (2290 m)
Obchodní centrum Šestka (2321 m)
Tenis TJ Ruzyně (552 m)
Aktivní lesopark Řepy (1087 m)
HEATKLUB - H.E.A.T. Program Řepy (1385 m)
Lidl (388 m)
Norma Španielova (1099 m)
Supermarket BILLA (1377 m)
Ruzyňská lékárna Alfa (703 m)
Jan Bydžovský - (1093 m)
Lékárna Řepy (1093 m)
Transit station:
Ruzyňský hřbitov (175 m)
Ruzyňský hřbitov (181 m)
Ruzyňský hřbitov (187 m)

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