Za panskou stodolou – a EXPOINVEST Čakovice s.r.o. firm project

New developer project Za panskou stodolou by EXPOINVEST Čakovice s.r.o. in Praha offers high quality new properties for sale. Become a proud owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other details either at our portal or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 3010

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  • Vrátenská, Čakovice, Praha 9

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  • Personal

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  • Realised

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 51 rating )

About the project:

The development project Behind the Manor Barn in Prague 9 - Čakovice is a continuation of the first stage of the project. There are two new villas, where there are 16 new housing units, which are very economical in terms of housing costs. Families with children and individuals will find a home in this quiet location. There are trees, meadows, privacy.


Behind the manorial barn is a project that offers apartments 1 + kk to 4 + kk with an area of 37 - 100 m2. There are 35 parking spaces. Each apartment has independent heating. Standard equipment includes the use of quality materials.


The development project Behind the Manor Barn includes a lot of greenery, where you can also see hares, pheasants and partridges. It is built in the cadastral area of Prague 9 - Čakovice, specifically in Vrátenská Street. The advantage is an excellent connection with the city center, where the final metro C station Letňany is 12 minutes away by bus. Nearby is the D8 motorway with exit to Teplice. The bus stop is located six minutes from the house. For culture, it is necessary to go to the city center, ie 50 minutes by public transport. At a distance of 15 minutes is the castle park Čakovice and Mrakatínský stream, where you can relax and play sports.

Ke stadionu Street is a 14-minute walk away, and features a swimming pool and sports stadium. If you need shopping, the journey to Tesco takes six minutes. Buses 140, 166 or 202 will take you to Globus. Prosek Polyclinic is a 12-minute drive away in Lovosická Street. There is a kindergarten just 4 minutes away by car. The primary school is on Jiří Beran Square, a 9-minute walk away.

Property Attachments

LocationVrátenská, Čakovice, Praha 9

In the vicinity you will find

Cirkus - centrum pro rodinu (546 m)
Základní škola Dr.Edvarda Beneše, Praha 9 - Čakovice, náměstí Jiřího Berana 500 (817 m)
Základní škola Livingston (827 m)
Secondary school:
Střední škola mediální grafiky a tisku, s.r.o. (1817 m)
Obchodní akademie Praha (3704 m)
Střední průmyslová škola na Proseku (3853 m)
Windows XP (616 m)
údržba Krátký.cz (1062 m)
Zámecký park v Čakovicích (1224 m)
Praha-Čakovice (1313 m)
Praha-Kbely (2223 m)
Hovorčovice (3347 m)
Parkoviště Globus (2182 m)
NONSTOP LPG (2555 m)
Chlebovická (2838 m)
GMS Letňany (2236 m)
Globus (2273 m)
Albert (2525 m)
Tenisová škola Praha 9 Čakovice (935 m)
Singltrail Letňany (1460 m)
Relax la fabrique (1546 m)
Tesco (527 m)
Lidl (1216 m)
Potraviny (1536 m)
J & H Lékárny s.r.o - Lékárna Cukrovarská (448 m)
Dr.Max Lékárna (2211 m)
Lékárna KBELY (2252 m)
Transit station:
Radonická (405 m)
Radonická (407 m)
Radonická (411 m)

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