Bydlení SMETANKA – a BCD GROUP company project

New developer project Bydlení SMETANKA by BCD GROUP in Praha offers top notch new properties for purchase. Become a satisfied owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other specifics either at our portal or directly from this particular developer.

Property details

  • ID:

  • 3151

  • Price:

  • Price on request

  • Price per m2:

  • Price on request

  • Location:

  • Mezilehlá, Hrdlořezy, Praha 9

  • Ownership:

  • Personal

  • City:

  • District:

  • City district:

  • Status:

  • On sale

  • Developer:

  • Rating:

  • 4.7 from 5 ( 96 rating )

About the project:

Housing Smetanka is a residential complex consisting of six three- and four-storey houses, where you will find above-standard equipped apartments with large balconies or terraces. The apartments are large, the ground floor apartments are designed English courtyards and gardens with small greenery. In the attic are duplex apartments with large skylights. The apartment complex is closed, with a separate reception, a courtyard with two entrances from Hrdlořezská and Nedokončená streets. The houses have a common underground floor with garages, parking spaces and cellars. The 24-hour reception controls the entrance to the complex.


There are all civic amenities in the vicinity of the Smetanka residence. There are primary and kindergarten, doctor, post office. Nearby is the city center, excellent public transport links ensure easy access.

Property Attachments

LocationMezilehlá, Hrdlořezy, Praha 9

In the vicinity you will find

ScioŠkola Praha 9 (450 m)
Střední odborná škola Jarov (686 m)
Fitbabies (862 m)
Secondary school:
Střední odborná škola Jarov (686 m)
Střední odborná škola uměleckořemeslná s.r.o. (983 m)
Střední odborné učiliště gastronomie (1601 m)
Višňovka (357 m)
Sad Třešňovka (605 m)
Meandry Rokytky (660 m)
Českomoravská (1721 m)
Kolbenova (1754 m)
Vysočanská (1791 m)
Praha Libeň (876 m)
Praha-Malešice - nákladové nádraží (1587 m)
Praha-Vysočany (2072 m)
Parkoviště Na Vrcholu, Šikmá (1627 m)
Na úžlabinou (1730 m)
MR.PARKIT s.r.o. - Parking Drahobejlova (1801 m)
Ventila vzduchotechnika s.r.o. (1417 m)
EXE SPORT s.r.o (1521 m)
Galerie Harfa (1527 m)
CrossFit With Us - CrossFit gym na Praze 9 (1022 m)
Live Penalty Stage (1045 m)
Lidl Českobrodská, Praha 9 (404 m)
Kaufland Praha-Jarov (730 m)
Albert (935 m)
Dr.Max Lékárna (724 m)
Lékárna WPK (1040 m)
Lékárna Jarov - Pharmedol (1285 m)
Transit station:
Hrdlořezská (149 m)
Hrdlořezská (157 m)
Hrdlořezská (166 m)

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