Bytový dům Komořany – a DNA Invest s.r.o. firm project

New developer project Bytový dům Komořany by DNA Invest s.r.o. in Praha offers high quality new properties for sale. Become a satisfied owner of a new home. Find out more about the price and other specifics either at our portal or straight from this particular developer.

Property details

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  • 3026

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  • Na Poustkách, Komořany, Praha 4

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  • Personal

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  • 4.7 from 5 ( 78 rating )

About the project:

The Komořany apartment building is a modern development activity of DNA Invest sro The house is located in Na poustkách Street, in Prague 4 - Komořany. It is a three-storey new building with 18 residential units. The house has a colorful facade, balconies, flat roof. The apartments have layout solutions from 1 + kk to 3 + kk.


The three-storey Komořany house with apartments from 1 + kk to 3 + kk is divided as follows: 1x 2 + kk with an area of 49.93 m2 on the first floor with a balcony. There are also 3 x 3 + kk with an area of 70.73 - 80.44 m2 and on the second floor you will find apartments: 1 + kk (30.15 - 33.57 m2), 4x 2 + kk with an area of 36.9 - 50 , 96 m2. On the third floor there are 4x 2 + kk with an area of 38.29 - 53.77 m2 and also 3x 1 + kk with an area from 29.91 - 31.76 m2. There is a parking lot in the basement, there is also a cellar, bicycle shed and carriage house.


The Komořany apartment building is located in Poustkách Street, in Prague 4. A small location is located on the right bank of the Vltava, not far from Modřanská rokle - Cholupice. The area is fully forested, with 125 hectares. This location has a relatively rich historical past, when the first mention dates from 1088. There is a rich civic amenities, there are kindergartens and primary schools, playgrounds, smaller and larger shops, clinic, restaurants, police station, there are ATMs, post office . There is an 11 km long bike path. The Modřany Forest is an ideal place to spend your free time walking or cycling. There is a golf course nearby, tennis courts and an equestrian club. Komořany Castle is a magnificent monument worth visiting. There is a bus stop in Šabatka, the Prague - Komořany railway station and a tram stop. You can get to the center in a few minutes.

Property Attachments

LocationNa Poustkách, Komořany, Praha 4

In the vicinity you will find

Mateřská Škola Pastelka V Praze 12 (1493 m)
Mateřská škola Podsaďáček v Praze 12 (1532 m)
Eldorádo - mateřská školka (1711 m)
Greenkeeping s.r.o. (Šena shop) (225 m)
Šena Tomáš (226 m)
KK Komořany (679 m)
Praha-Komořany (467 m)
Praha-Modřany - nákladové nádraží (985 m)
Praha-Modřany zast. (1687 m)
Mall: (1859 m)
Oprava obuvi - pasáž Sofie (1860 m)
Pasáž Sofie - OD Modřany (1872 m)
Parkourové hřiště Cukrkandl, Modřany (1101 m)
Cholupický potok, jízda RC expedic (1263 m)
Airsoft Točná (1713 m)
Supermarket BILLA (156 m)
Albert (1764 m)
dm drogerie markt (1878 m)
Hradčanská lékárenská společnost, s.r.o. (1249 m)
Lékárna Vltava s.r.o. (1535 m)
Konopná lékárna při Poliklinice Modřany (1810 m)
Transit station:
Komořany (75 m)
Na Šabatce (108 m)
Na Šabatce (133 m)

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